Steven Buss for DCCC

Let’s fix san francisco

No more scapegoats.
Let’s Fix San Francisco.
Steven Buss for DCCC.

San Francisco’s problems are solvable.

I’m running for Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) because I believe San Francisco’s problems are solvable. I won’t throw my hands in the air and blame a boogeyman, I won’t ignore data because it doesn’t fit my ideology, and I won’t promise solutions the city can’t pay for.

I will look our problems squarely in the face, develop plans to fix them, and ensure the people who get elected have the political courage to fix the bad laws which hold the city hostage.


My Mission

The DCCC is the most important office you’ve never heard of. San Francisco is a one-party city, so all of the politics happens behind the scenes in committees like the DCCC.

As a Democrat, you expect that the recommendations you get from the party are sensible. You expect that the party exhibits good judgment and makes good choices. You should be able to trust that the candidates endorsed by the party will do right by you and capably steward the city.

The sad truth is that the DCCC is controlled by the same people who think banning cafeterias for tech companies is good government, or who think supply and demand aren’t real, or that the middle class won’t ever be able to live in San Francisco without government subsidy.

I’m running for DCCC to bring sanity and deliberate thinking back to the Democratic party.

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San Francisco’s problems are solvable

San Francisco is a victim of its own success, and for at least the past thirty years has been led by people who would rather shout at newcomers to “go back where you came from” than fix its problems. They’ve blamed finance, skateboarders, electric scooters, tech workers, neoliberalism, wealthy Chinese, international investment, capitalism, people who tip too little, people who tip too much, people who live in large houses, and people who live in shared rooms. They’ve blamed everyone but themselves for mismanaging the city.

It’s time we stop blaming everyone else and start taking responsibility. It’s time we fix our broken government and provide for those in need. It’s time we get out of the way of a homeowner who wants to add an extra bedroom, or an immigrant who wants to open a new business, or young people moving to San Francisco in search of opportunity.


My Platform

Over the coming weeks I will be publishing a detailed platform. Join the mailing list to get notified the second they’re posted.



In the 1970s and 80s, San Francisco banned the construction of new apartments in nearly 75% of the city. This concentrated new development in low-income and red-lined neighborhoods. It’s time to undo this historical injustice and legalize construction of new apartments in the entire city.

betterment, not ban-it

San Francisco used to be the a city of experimentation and a live-and-let-live attitude. Now we ban new things we don’t like or understand. We banned new apartments on the west side in the 1970s and 80s, new live-work lofts in the 2000s, and recently we’re trying to ban cafeterias in new offices and renovations and apartment mergers, briefly banned electric scooters, and we’ve just banned vaping. It’s time San Francisco gets out of our lives and gets back to solving the things we actually care about: cleanliness, homelessness, and lack of affordable housing.

Small Business

It costs nearly $500,000 and a year of your time to open a new small business in San Francisco. What used to be a city of opportunity for immigrants is now a city where you have to be a millionaire to open a small business. It’s time to loosen the grip of unelected commissions so regular people can start a business.


Let us never forget that the Japanese American population of San Francisco was sent to concentration camps during WWII. Their property was confiscated and they were left with nothing. The black ship workers that came to SF during the war were forced to live in substandard housing and were forbidden from buying houses in white neighborhoods. Black San Franciscans are still disproportionately more likely to be homeless or live in unsafe or even radioactive housing in both Hunters Point and Treasure Island.

We have never addressed these injustices. Now it’s time.


San Francisco is still that place where you can be who you are without fear or shame. We need more homes for people seeking freedom, love, and acceptance. I'm lucky to call San Francisco home, and I'd love to have some more neighbors.


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Campaigns are won by volunteers. If you believe San Francisco can be better, that it can live up to the promise of being a welcoming, global city for everyone, that our problems are solvable… join us.


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